Veterans Sales and Services (VetsSS), an experienced, proven service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB), provides research and consulting services and is a reseller of state-of-the-art equipments, materials, and technologies of all kinds. VetsSS has expertise in equipping emergency responders for "all hazards" fires, chemical and oil spills, biological, radiation, nuclear and explosives. VetsSS stands ready to provide training research and consulting. VetsSS is helping to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), “by far the most important initiative and best opportunity for reform in the world ever.”

VetsSS was founded by the principals of, and is closely allied with, the Defense Fire Protection Association (DFPA), a 501(c)(3), non-profit described at www.dfpa.org. Examples of the work research projects of principals of DFPA and VetsSS are at www.dfpa.org/examples.html.

VetsSS and DFPA have developed a system for reduced cost, "on time delivery" in particular for emergency response equipment and materials for emergency response for "all hazards."

VetsSS is always looking for qualified individuals with skills to bring to various projects. If you are interested please send your inquiries, contact information and resume to DFPA@aol.com.

Following are some of the equipments and materials that VetsSS has provided the Federal Government:

Description Quantity Unit of Issue
Quantimeter used with Draeger-tubes for spot measurements of over 500 gases and vapors 21 each
HAZMAT Boots 3,480 pair
Fire Pumps with Hoses 11 each
Level B HAZMAT Protective Suits 1,248 each
Pressure Test Kits for Level A Suits 11 each
Disposable HAZMAT Training Suits 5,580 each
Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) Canister Filter Sets 1,248 each
Portable Light Set 44 each
Emergency Medical Service Trauma Kits 22 each
Emergency Medical Services Gear Bags 242 each

Description Quantity Unit of Issue
Global Positioning System (GPS), Magellan Meridian Platinum 44 each
One Terabyte Hard Drives 44 each
USB Thumb Drives 55 each
Multi-Function Laser Printer 11 each
Portable Color Printer 88 each
Workgroup Laser Printer 11 each

Description Quantity Unit of Issue
Freezer 20.3 cu ft 11 each
Refrig w/Freezer 14.8 cu ft 9 each
Video Camera Tripod 11 each

VetsSS is owned by and employs disabled veterans. Contracts with  VetsSS count toward the 3% set aside requirement for contracts with SDVOSBs..

For more information about VetsSS, please contact us at:

Veterans Sales and Services Corporation - VetsSS
Email: DFPA@aol.com
Phone: 703-725-7849 - Fax: 703-521-0849
PO Box 1310, Falls Church, Virginia 22041-0310